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Agritech Solutions and consultancy, we cater to any individual, farmers, students and companies alike, let us help you find a solution for your Agri-Project.

Agritech Solutions for innovative farmers.

Weather you are a seasoned professional ro you want to get your hands dirty, give us a call, we want to help you!


Research and Development

Constantly monitoring and adapting to the environment and the economy alike, to provide the best value product possible.


Space Age Technology

We're shooting for the stars, and use only the cleanest, greenest and proven production strategies.

Crop Growth strategy

We provide a step by step action plan with detailed grow strategies which are easy to execute and yield results


Comercial Hydroponic Solutions

With more than 15 years experience in the Hydroponics industry, we offer expert advice, practice solutions and proven strategies which accelerate business growth and yield.

Commercial Agri-tech solutions

Our extensive knowledge and knowhow within the Agri-tech sector as well as partner agreements position un perfectly within the industry so as to provide superior Agri-tech advice and solutions to the broader market.


Cannabis Flower

Medical Cannabis, Compliance & Setup

We have extensive knowledge and research within the medicinal cannabis sector, and have successfully implemented medical cannabis growth operations in the USA and South Africa.

All of our service levels include

Sustainable Farming

Water wise irrigation

Latest Technology

0% Carbon Footprint

Zero Pesticides & Herbicides 

Environmentally Friendly

Self Sustaining

Food Security